Concierge Medicine

Enjoy the benefits of concierge medicine with North Shore Physicians Group.

Concierge medicine is an alternative approach to primary care that offers patients extended time with their physician. Patients in a concierge medical practice enjoy more frequent and longer appointments with their primary care doctor, during which they develop a comprehensive approach to addressing their goals for health and wellness.

Concierge medicine delivers more personalized medical attention.

For patients in the North Shore region, North Shore Physicians Group offers concierge medicine at offices in Salem and Danvers. The concierge physicians in our MDVIP Program limit the number of patients they accept so they can provide more focused attention to the patients they do have. Our concierge medicine program may be an excellent fit for patients who want to know their doctor will be available to them to answer questions or provide treatment on a 24/7 basis when necessary.

North Shore Physicians Group (NSPG) is a multi-group practice of more than 200 exceptional physicians, nurse practitioners and other healthcare professionals. They provide high-quality care at 17 offices across the North Shore, including our urgent care clinic in Danvers. We are affiliated with North Shore Medical Center, the largest and most advanced provider in the North Shore area, and many of our physicians are also affiliated with Massachusetts General Hospital.

The benefits of concierge medicine at NSPG.

When you choose concierge medicine from NSPG, you’ll be able to:

  • Reach your concierge medicine doctor any time 24/7.
  • Make same-day or next day medical appointments.
  • Create a personalized wellness plan with your concierge physician that includes comprehensive evaluations and medical counseling.
  • Have online access to your personal health records and to a personalized website with information about your health history.
  • Make appointments with your physician that last from 30 to 60 minutes and include a more in-depth discussion of your health.
  • Get preferred access to OBGYN specialists, neurosurgery specialists or a geriatric care specialist at North Shore Medical Center or Massachusetts General Hospital.

The annual membership fee for the concierge medicine program at NSPG is $1500.

When you join our concierge medicine program, you'll come to know your primary care physician very well - patients say they feel as if they are their doctor's only patient. You can reach your physician any time of the day or night and can be treated right away when necessary. You can also participate in programs like Walk With A Doc, spending one morning each week on a group exercise walk with your physician. If you are hospitalized for any reason, your concierge medicine physician will come to the hospital to coordinate your care with your other doctors, and to help establish a program of care after you leave the hospital.