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Injections Performed

Dr. Mahooti explains platelet rich plasma injection, an innovative treatment option >>

Many patients have questions and concerns about injection therapy and our physicians strive to make the experience as pain-free as possible by using ultrasound-guidance which also greatly improves accuracy.

Cortisone injections

  • Otherwise known as steroid injections or corticosteroid injections are very effective at providing temporary (and sometimes permanent, depending on the underlying condition) relief of joint and muscle pain.

Dry needling, or trigger point injections

  • These can be an effective treatment option for trigger points, otherwise known as “knots”, which are areas of muscle pain and tenderness that often cause radiating pain. These injections can be extremely effective for pain in the upper back/neck, shoulders, arms, hips, buttocks, legs, and even the abdominal area. Learn how trigger point injections helped one runner get her stride back.

Platelet Rich Plasma (“PRP”)

  • PRP uses a portion of a patient’s own blood to promote healing of injured muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons. PRP is also effective in treating osteoarthritis as well as a variety of other conditions. These injections are only performed by Dr. Mahooti in his Danvers practice. 
  • Learn more about Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections


  • Viscosupplement (“lubricant”) injections for knee osteoarthritis, indicated for mild-moderate knee osteoarthritis and typically performed if steroid injections are ineffective or cannot be performed due to medical reason (a “contraindication”).

Needle tenotomy for tendinosis

  •  Needle tenotomy is used for tendinosis that has not responded to other treatments. Tenotomy is a minimal invasive procedure where a needle, using ultrasound-guidance, is inserted into an injured tendon in order to stimulate the body’s own regenerative properties which will begin the healing process. This procedure can help alleviate pain in the rotator cuff, elbow, hip / groin, knees, and Achilles, among other areas. This treatment can be performed with or without platelet rich plasma (PRP).