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Vaccine Update

We will offer the COVID-19 vaccines to all of our patients as soon as it is available to the public and based on eligibility. Patient Gateway will be the primary tool we use to communicate with patients about their vaccines. 

Please be sure to check your Patient Gateway messages frequently for the most up-to-date information about vaccine eligibility and availability. If you do not have a Patient Gateway account, please sign up here.

Learn more about the COVID-19 vaccines here

Protect yourself and your community. Follow these tips to stay safe.

The messages below are designed to help multi-lingual residents of Lynn get access to primary care and prevent the spread of the virus. For all communities, wearing a mask, sanitizing hands, staying six feet apart from other people and avoiding large gatherings are the best way to stop the spread of the virus.

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If you are a patient of North Shore Physician's Group (NSPG), contact your doctor using Patient Gateway or call 844-839-8299.

If you are a patient at Lynn Community Health Center (LCHC), contact your doctor using MyChart or call 781-581-3900.

If you do not have a primary care doctor, you can establish care with Lynn Community Health Center or North Shore Physician’s Group by calling the numbers above. You will not be asked about your immigration status. You do not have to have health insurance. 

Evite el COVID-19

Los mensajes a continuación están diseñados para ayudar a los residentes multilingües de Lynn a tener acceso a la atención primaria y prevenir la propagación del virus. No obstante, usar una máscara, desinfectar las manos, mantenerse a seis pies de distancia de otras personas y evitar grandes reuniones se aplica a todos.

Protéjase y proteja a su comunidad. Observe estas recomendaciones para protegerse.

Si usted es paciente de North Shore Physician’s Group (NSPG), comuníquese con su médico a través de Patient Gateway o llame al 844-839-8299.

Si usted es paciente de Lynn Community Health Center (LCHC), comuníquese con su médico a través de MyChart o llame al 781-581-3900.

Si no tiene médico de atención primaria, puede empezar a atenderse en Lynn Community Health Center o en North Shore Physician’s Group llamando a los números de arriba. No se le preguntará cuál es su condición inmigratoria. No es necesario que tenga seguro de salud.